Knowing where I am coming from

German-born and bred, I took the chance in 1999 to spend half a year in New York City on an internship in the media business, which eventually led  to a career that I love. 15 years later, I still consider myself lucky that I am breathing the air of excitement and creativity that this city has to offer. My path of life during those last years led me through various neighborhoods and mindsets of this ever evolving city, leaving lasting impressions with every step I took and still take.

The exposure to various art forms on a daily basis, my love for human interaction and my penchant for and avid interest in everything beautiful developed into my second career as a collage artist. I hope you find good company, inspiration and joy in my artwork as well!

Understanding my philosophy

When we appreciate the beauty of an art piece, its frame is often a mere practicality, seemingly not adding much to either the artists' message or the aesthetic expression we enjoy.

Framing, though, is an art form in itself - refined carpentry - and frames were historically often reused to host various pieces of art. In my opinion a frame gives an art piece its coat or dress, comparable to the way us humans are covering ourselves in the newest fashion, opposed to just wearing an old rag to protect us from the elements.

In reusing vintage frames, I aim at telling a story that gathers the experience these frames have acquired in presenting the pieces they framed before. My collages develop from the frame, based on the condition they are in when I find them, based on the art they frame in that moment or based on stories I hear from the prior owner of the frame.

I use various kinds of material, reuse paper from art- and vintage books, magazines, tapestries and posters, sometimes text, sometimes pictures, or I incorporate organic items such as pressed leaves, fabrics and other small decorative objects. Frames, although they are often perceived as an unloved necessity, step out of these bounds in my collages, providing texture, sometimes depth. And in doing so, they do not only invite to look, but also to touch. Many of my collages are sealed with a glossy coating, preserving colors and textures, others are being held under glass.

The story the framed collages portray is never a told one, it remains in the realm of associations as our dreams do. They are setting a mood and invite to think, discover and interpret. They remain mysterious like memories, like the possible past of the frame that inspired the collage.

Thanks for reading!