Finally Done!

I am so proud to announce that the (still) unnamed, newest collage of mine is finally done. I am very pleased and happy. Of course, I would love to hear what you are thinking!

New Collage In The Works

I am excited to share my newest venture... So far the piece remains unnamed, but I am sure a name will come to me eventually. I love the strong colors and how they complement each other.

Wood, unframed, 80X30in (2mX0.76m)

The Helmet

Still my all-time favorite, and still for sale;). Framed, 6'X4', sealed with glossy Epoxy. The base consists of vintage 1934 sheet music of The Marches from the Gilbert & Sullivan Operas, and parts of the 1939 edition of the Music Lovers’ Encyclopedia.

The Pip is now on Instagram!

I try to be better with social media, so I dusted off my old Instagram account and will post new and old items as time goes on:).

Please feel free to follow me at ThePipCollages!


New, big collage finished - Mondgesicht 4'x4'

I am happy to announce that I just finished one of my larger pieces. Including the frame it is 4x4feet (or 122x122cm). Woah! It was a lot of work:), and a lot of thinking, cutting and ripping  involved, but I am very pleased with the result. Below you can see a 'before' picture and the final collage.

I tried to include a certain fluidity and 'roundness' in the piece, as well as an ovation to the old masters.

I also experimented with 3D, which is shown in the silk flowers which actually sit above the piece (I am not sure if this is visible through the photograph).

The success of the piece gave me a huuuge motivational push and I am already thinking about what to do next. Stay tuned!

Jazz Mobile

A wonderful FREE Jazz Concert in Central Park today. Art for the ears!